Accept More in Saudi Arabia with Apple Pay

E-commerce businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can now accept Apple Pay through

Apple has rolled out Apple Pay services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and users can now add cards to Apple Pay on their devices. mada, Saudi Arabia’s domestic payment network in the KSA will also support Apple Pay along with cards issued by Alinma Bank, Al Rajhi Bank, Bank Aljazira, Riyad Bank and The National Commercial Bank. Visa and Mastercard-backed cards are also accepted.

Why should I accept Apple Pay?

The number of smartphone users in Saudi Arabia is on the rise and is projected to grow to almost 20 million users in 2019 – with Apple currently owning about 30% of the mobile OS market there. This comes as good news for e-commerce businesses in the region who are eager to capture this tech-savvy market. Mobile shopping (and purchasing) also continues to grow in popularity in the region. In a recent report by PwC, 56% of Middle East consumers say that their mobile device will become their main tool for purchasing items online, with 41% who say they have already used their smartphones to pay for purchases.

While cash, or cash-on-delivery, is still currently the preferred way to pay for online purchases in Saudi Arabia, credit card usage is quickly gaining traction with nearly a one-third share of customers who said that they preferred to pay online with their credit card. For web and app-based businesses in the region, be sure to work with payment service providers who are equipped to accept payments through Apple Pay, like With Apple Pay now activated in the kingdom, this gives businesses a great opportunity to capture a wider customer base, increase acceptance, and boost revenue.

As one of the most popular digital wallets today, a simple integration with Apple Pay will give you access to millions of more shoppers who prefer this payment method. With tokenization and biometric authorization features, Apple Pay provides multi-layer security aimed to protect both the customer and the merchant. For more information and updates, visit Apple’s support page.

Ready to get set up? Start accepting Apple Pay with by following these easy steps to integration.  

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