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Reconciliation API

Last updated: April 29, 2022

With the reconciliation API, you can quickly find all fees associated with each of your payments, allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff while streamlining your financial reporting.


Our reconciliation API is not available in the sandbox environment.

Two endpoints to support your reconciliation process

With the reconciliation API, we have developed two endpoints to assist you in your reconciliation processes: the payments endpoint and the statements endpoint, both designed to put all the data you need at your fingertips.

About the payments endpoint

The payments endpoint allows you to view core information about all the payments you received from your customers. In particular, it enables you to search for all payments over a date range you specify and for a certain business account. You can get a breakdown of the fees, the amounts processed, refunded or held (rolling reserve), and the chargeback details. This endpoint provides you with full visibility of your payments at an action-level and specifies the gross processed amount, our mark-up, any interchange and scheme fees deducted, the related rolling reserve movements and chargebacks details — and ultimately allows you to figure out your net processing revenues.

About the statements endpoint

The main objective of the statements endpoint is to allow you to perform reconciliation of the amounts deposited in your bank accounts against your statement reports. This endpoint provides details of statements and payouts in accordance with your specified parameters.