2022 US Trends Report

Make payments your superpower in 2022

A multitude of factors will make 2022 a defining year for ecommerce. 

Social commerce is set to explode. Sustainability will be under the spotlight. Alternate payment methods will be more important than ever. And online fraudsters continue to raise the stakes. At the heart of every challenge and opportunity sits a smart payments strategy. 

Discover more about how payments innovations will enable merchants to thrive.

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Research highlights in this report:

  • 67% of US merchants think social commerce will be one of the major ecommerce trends

  • 31% of large enterprise merchants cited losses in revenue during 2021 due to poorly optimized payment solutions

  • 77% of US ecommerce merchants expect to see significant growth in 2022

  • 50% of US merchants will invest in improving their checkout and payment experience

  • For 44% of US merchants, environmental sustainability will be a leading priority

Table of Contents

  • 6 Chapters

  • 20 Pages

  • 15 Min Read

  1. 01.


  2. 02.

    Environmental sustainability

  3. 03.

    Winning at social commerce

  4. 04.

    Payments optimization and diversification

  5. 05.

    Combating fraud and cyber risk

  6. 06.

    Getting a foothold in the marketplace hype