Switch on the right payment methods

A wave of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are gaining popularity with customers around the world, as 60% of ecommerce consumers say they would abandon their cart if they cannot pay with their preferred payment method.

Learn how to use alternative payment methods to reach new customers and grow your business

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In this guide you will learn :

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    Why are they called ‘alternative’ payment methods

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    What are the preferred ways to pay by country

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    Customer expectations by industry or business model

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    How to reduce costs with APMs

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    How to use granular data to make smarter decisions

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    The buy now, pay later phenomenon

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    What are the local payment methods by region

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    Why you should stay on top of payment method trends

Table of Contents

  • 4 chapters

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    Choosing the right APMs

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    Local payment methods by region

  4. 04.

    Future APMs: How will we pay next?