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This year, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will be fully rolled out in Europe and the UK. But, for many businesses, applying the additional authentication layers to meet the SCA requirements and protect against fraud without disturbing the payments flow is a difficult balance to strike.

In this interactive guide, we outline the five questions you should ask in order to decide how to authenticate transactions in the era of SCA and use data to build the optimal strategy for your business.

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In this guide, you will learn about:

  • Why a tailored approach to SCA will maximize conversion and reduce fraud

  • How and when to apply SCA exemptions

  • How to use data and the latest technology to optimize your payments flow

Table of Contents

  • 6 Chapters

  • 21 Pages

  • 20 Min read

  1. 01.


  2. 02.

    A timeline of Europe’s implementation of SCA

  3. 03.

    Why Strong Customer Authentication?

  4. 04.

    Shape your approach to SCA with our five questions

  5. 05.

    Gain a competitive edge with a tailored SCA strategy

  6. 06.

    Find out if you’re ready with our checklists