Saudi Arabia: The kingdom of ecommerce

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing an ecommerce boom. Cash is out, digital payments are in, consumers want to spend more of their money online. As the nation’s economy diversifies and digitizes things are evolving at great pace. And we have tracked the YoY data to prove it. Discover more about the key trends and guidance for how to thrive in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia ecommerce report
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In this report, you will learn about:

  • Local consumer preferences and spending intent
  • The importance of social commerce and marketplaces
  • Latest policy and regulatory initiatives to nurture fintech and ecommerce
  • The rapid rise in buy now, pay later and other digital payment methods

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Saudi Arabia ecommerce report

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is opening opportunities like never before
  3. Saudi Arabia continues to see significant YoY growth for online shopping
  4. Every sector has seen further online growth in 2021
  5. Preferred payment methods continue to shift at pace
  6. The Saudi ecommerce market continues to mature and evolve

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