2023 Payment trends

The top 5 payment trends experts are predicting for 2023

The payment industry is evolving at a rapid pace. New innovations are appearing every day that improve the customer experience and businesses’ capabilities. While the pace of change makes it difficult to know with certainty what the future holds for payments, our research has shown some clear trends emerging. We spoke to the experts in payments to hear their predictions.

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The Digital Payment Agenda 2023

More than half of enterprise merchants say they plan to expand into new markets within 24 months. 

From culture and behaviour to regulation and rails - payments is one of the most locally nuanced aspects of doing international business. Below is your 12-step guide to ensuring cross-border payments ROI from day one: Set your strategy for profitable international expansion with this play-by-play workbook.

In this guide you hear what the experts think about:

  • Advancements in protection against payments fraud.
  • Payment methods that will be expand in their use cases and popularity.
  • Ways that payments will improve the customer experience.
  • Prominent payments innovations to look out for.
  • How payments can help to protect against the economic headwinds.

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The Digital Payment Agenda 2023

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