Payments optimization in APAC

Innovation from the global frontier: In our latest research report, we surveyed 12,000+ consumers across APAC about their views on digital payments and ecommerce.

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Payments optimization in APAC
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In this report you will learn:

  • APAC resists generalization, demands localization
  • How data, when cut by country, age and gender, tells us that consumer preferences and behavior vary widely across APAC.
  • How mobile apps and digital finance are empowering women in APAC

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Payments optimization in APAC

Table of contents

  1. Dynamism, diversity and drive: ignore APAC at your peril
  2. Scrap your assumptions: navigating a complex region through data
  3. Innovation accelerated: APAC upping the game, again
  4. Performance, risk and reward in APAC
  5. Future forecasts
  6. Data points by generation groups
  7. Data points by country
  8. Seizing the APAC opportunity

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