How to balance risk in an ever-changing retail landscape

Ecommerce and retail fraud management (ERFM) is a tightrope that forces security and risk professionals to balance the business need for frictionless customer experiences with fraud avoidance. Download this Forrester report to explore a framework for leading best-in-class fraud management practices. You’ll learn why gathering the correct data is imperative and how this data should be integrated and utilized to ensure optimum and iterable fraud mitigation strategies.

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Forrester Report
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Highlighted in this report:

  • In 2020 card-not-present fraud cost ecommerce merchants an estimated $35.54 billion globally. Therefore building an effective ecommerce retail fraud management (ERFM) environment is paramount
  • During the pandemic in the UK and Europe alone, the number of people who reported having shopped online jumped from 60% of the population in 2019 to over 90%. Stressing the need for keeping customer experience metrics in check to ensure a smooth customer journey
  • 67% of enterprise-level merchants don’t receive fraud and chargeback analysis data from their payments service providers. Paving the way for the new industry standard by serving customers competitively using fraud management efficiency metrics

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Forrester Report

Table of contents

  1. The importance of fraud management
  2. The real cost of fraud
  3. Using fraud prevention to gain a competitive advantage
  4. Customers demand a Fraud-Free, fast, frictionless online experience
  5. Effective ERFM demands data, risk model, investigation and reporting
  6. Use a balanced scorecard of client experience and ERFM efficiency
  7. Recommendations

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