High-Performance Payments: The hidden billion-dollar opportunity

In this exclusive paper, get insights from 8,000 consumers and 1,500 merchants across the US and Europe on digital payments trends. Researched in partnership with Oxford Economics, we explore what ‘high payments performance’ means and how you can achieve it in an ever-evolving ecommerce landscape. We’ll deep-dive into the underlying dynamics behind the costly rise in false declines.

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High-Performance Payments

More than half of enterprise merchants say they plan to expand into new markets within 24 months. 

From culture and behaviour to regulation and rails - payments is one of the most locally nuanced aspects of doing international business. Below is your 12-step guide to ensuring cross-border payments ROI from day one: Set your strategy for profitable international expansion with this play-by-play workbook.

Key findings include

  • $50.7 billion was lost due to false declines across US, UK, France, and Germany in 2022
  • 86% of merchants say their PSPs do not provide machine learning solutions to help them better reduce fraud or increase authorization rates
  • A third of merchants report that payments issues are currently preventing them from entering into new markets
  • 62% of merchants say they do not get consultative advice and guidance from their payments partners
  • 59% of merchants say they don’t get the round the clock support for payments that they need

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High-Performance Payments

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