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Crypto fintech Coinpanion relies on seamless transactions with

Crypto fintech Coinpanion relies on seamless transactions with

Jul 14, 2022

Launched in 2020 and led by Alexander Valtingojer, co-founder and CEO of Coinpanion aims to radically simplify investing in crypto by enabling individuals to invest in a portfolio of crypto assets tailored to their personal risk tolerance. Investors can easily monitor the value of their investments on the Coinpanion platform and cash out when they wish.

By teaming up with, Coinpanion can now offer its investors numerous options for depositing and withdrawing funds from card payments to Google and Apple Pay and wallet transactions.

Esteban Sadurni, Director of Crypto at spoke with Valtingojer to learn more about Coinpanion's business and why it partnered with

Esteban: Tell us about your business and what makes Coinpanion so unique and a good addition to this space?

Alexander: The basic idea behind Coinpanion is based on transferring the classic ETF [exchange-traded funds] savings model to the crypto market. Customers come to us because of the simplicity — they can benefit from this asset category without having to deal with it themselves because we handle the technical side of the transactions for them.

And since we're based in the European region, we are under strict regulations. We also work with regulated Bafin banks. This gives our customers confidence in us as a crypto start-up. As well as this, our platform is very flexible, and our investors can, of course, withdraw at any time.

Due to the fiduciary structure of our business model, our customers do not lose their crypto assets even in the event of technical failures—the assets remain in their wallets.

Esteban: How were you introduced to and why were you looking for a new payments solution?

Alexander: With our rapid growth, we were presented with new challenges that we needed to solve. When we started out, we only accepted classic bank transfers. That worked well but involved a lot of administration and time. We needed to reduce this complexity as we grew.

Additionally, we needed to serve our customers' increasing demand for card payments. This meant finding a suitable payment partner.

We considered a few providers in the crypto market outside of Europe but they charged extremely high transaction fees.

We were introduced to at an investor event where we had a meeting with Guillaume Pousaz, the founder of As soon as we discovered, we knew we had found the solution we needed. Particularly as they already managed crypto payments.

Esteban: What stood out to you about the solution that was able to offer?

Alexander: The uncomplicated contact process combined with transparent e-commerce pricing convinced us immediately of the value of this partnership. We can even contact customer support via WhatsApp—without email or long waiting times. It doesn't get any more convenient than that. You can see that is just as solution-driven as we are. That's a huge draw.

What stood out to us was a combination of fair pricing, around-the-clock customer and technical support and easy implementation via API. In fact, the implementation was completed in just three days. And now, we have coverage of a wide range of payment options by a single payment service provider that works seamlessly.

With, everything is covered with just one solution. We can now even offer Google and Apple Pay or Sofortüberweisung [an online payment system from Sofort GmbH for cashless payment] in our mobile app without any additional implementation effort.

Esteba: What has been your experience with to date?

Alexander: The results of our collaboration speak for themselves: today, around 50% of Coinpanion transactions are already card payments. And with, users can now deposit funds directly into their crypto savings plans via credit card. We're totally happy with our choice of payment partner. We haven't had a single case of a payment that didn't go through. Every transaction through has had zero issues outstanding payments.

As we expand, the fact that offers international payment processing will definitely become even more important for us.

Esteban: How has working with improved your payments and benefited your business over a legacy payments provider?

Alexander: Fast-moving companies like ours are constantly finding obstacles with legacy payment providers. They are not able to deliver what we need as we grow as a crypto business. That's why we chose—because it provided dedicated teams of experts, fast delivery, and an advanced cloud-based payment platform.

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