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TransferGo scales payments globally with Card Payouts

TransferGo scales payments globally with Card Payouts

Jul 22, 2021

As one of the world's fastest growing money transfer companies, TransferGo is always in pursuit of opportunities to expand its footprint and empower users to take advantage of high-speed, low fee payments across its global markets.

In the past, this ambition has been driven by successful relationships with local banks which provided convenient entry into new markets. But as part of its innovation roadmap, it was eager to grow its partnership model to include different types of payments solutions that support its desire for rapid scale and growth.

Fast forward to 2021, and the impact of TransferGo’s partnership with speaks for itself. By using's next-generation Card Payouts solution, the money transfer firm has extended its coverage to 153 countries, scaling and facilitating payments through a single integration using the MasterCard and Visa card network.

"The adoption of's Card Payouts solution has been one of the largest projects we’ve undertaken at TransferGo in the last year," says Mariano Diaz, Director of Banking & Infrastructure at TransferGo. "In fact, our payments network more than doubled in size overnight, allowing customers to send funds in real-time to 95 new markets. This has been achieved through the close integration of our technologies, removing any technical complexity, and the deep-rooted understanding of the objectives we wanted to achieve for customers."

Diaz continues: “The impact of Card Payouts on TransferGo's growth shouldn't be underestimated. Disbursements have risen by almost 25% and this is increasing month by month due to the speed and reliability of the service. This allows us to carve out a competitive edge as consumers demand the ability to send funds around the world quickly and in real-time.”

"Furthermore, in the last year, we've seen our user base swell to more than 2.5 million customers, while we’ve now recorded over 10 million customer transactions," says Diaz. "The scale and capabilities provided by's Card Payouts solution is a major driver of this growth."

The perfect partner for pay-ins and payouts

TransferGo has worked with since 2017, leveraging its global acquiring services to allow users to top up their accounts using card payments. Providing this service has been transformative for TransferGo's business. Today up to 80% of customers use cards to fund their accounts.

According to Diaz, the recent adoption of’s Card Payouts solution was a natural extension of the partnership. "We never considered using an alternative provider for our card payouts. Through using's card acquiring and card payouts solutions, TransferGo can engage customers on a global scale. The power to add card networks, alternative payment schemes, real-time payout networks and new markets through a single API integration means we can scale fast while removing technical costs, layering and points of failure."

Delivering fast, reliable, global payouts's Card Payouts is the perfect fit for a business whose mission relies on allowing migrants to transfer money fast and remain connected with loved ones.

As Diaz explains, nothing matters more to someone sending money than being sure their funds will arrive, so that’s what matters most to TransferGo too: “As a company founded for migrants, the community’s best interests are at the heart of every decision we make. That’s why we work closely with to ensure our partnership continues to make their lives better, and delivers on speed, reliability and convenience.”

“Migrant remittance needs and behaviours are ever-changing, so we continually monitor transaction and performance data, liaising with to make improvements and investments to specific corridors to ensure we provide the best possible experience.”

Shortcutting the path to global scale

As a data-driven organisation, TransferGo has valued how’s Card Payouts solution has provided an opportunity to experiment and measure appetite for different product solutions in different markets. “We recently ran two small marketing campaigns in some of our new markets,” comments Diaz. “We achieved some great results which encouraged us to put them into our formal product roadmap. We’re only able to uncover those insights because of the global scale and flexibility offered through our partnership together.”’s ability to predict and build what a business may need next has provided TransferGo with the ability to shortcut its way to success. “Over the last year, where remittances have become vitally important in keeping families connected, the Card Payout solution has helped us to increase customer choice for a fast, efficient and price competitive solution,” says Diaz. “Over the coming months, as customers across different regions become increasingly comfortable with sending payments to cards, we expect uptake to rocket and for this to become one of the key services on our roster.”

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