By combining acquiring and issuing, helps online travel agencies (OTAs) to smooth out the journey from receiving customer payments to paying suppliers.

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the challenge

The industry never stands still

In online travel, staying ahead demands adaptability. Competition is tough, margins are thin, and managing transactions across a global ecosystem is complex.

Timely payments, robust security, and guarding against financial risk are essential for successful partnerships. And customers expect high-quality experiences.

That’s where comes in.

the solution

Fly non-stop from ‘payment received’ to ‘supplier paid’

Use your sales balance to fund virtual cards – issued the moment a customer payment is taken – then pay all your suppliers.

Transform a cost center into a revenue generator by earning interchange revenue when paying your suppliers.

Manage the whole payment journey on one platform (with one point of contact for support), reducing your exposure to fraud and errors.

Fly non-stop from 'payment received' to 'supplier paid'

Move funds from origin to destination

Global acquiring

Capture payments wherever your customers are by accessing the local payment methods you need to refine regional strategies, optimize costs, and deliver an experience your customers love.

Virtual cards

Pay suppliers with single or multi-use virtual cards. Issue cards in multiple currencies, with authentication exemption where relevant. Improve relationships, reduce risk, and simplify processes.

Currency accounts

Hold funds in 26+ currencies, each with local bank details. Minimize foreign exchange costs for international payments. Operate on a global scale without the banking queues, paperwork, or fees.

Mastercard Wholesale Program

Get access to all 11 product codes and currencies of Mastercard’s Wholesale Travel Program, offering the best industry standard for interchange flexibility, performance, and global coverage.


An automated travel-booking flow

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“We’re delighted to partner with Mastercard to complement our virtual card issuing solution with Mastercard’s Wholesale Travel Program, enabling OTAs to unlock new revenue streams and deliver a connected customer experience.”

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Meron Colbeci

Chief Product Officer at

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What benefits will this bring to my business?

Boost your revenue

Every transaction counts. As your issuer, we build the optimal payment flows to boost your acceptance rates without compromising security. Combined with the preferential interchange revenue you’ll earn from payouts, your bottom line stands to benefit.

Defend against FX risk

Stop paying more than your quoted prices due to unfavorable FX rate changes. With Checkout Issuing, you can spin up a virtual card in a local currency, removing the risk of unfavorable conversion rates when the payment is made to your international suppliers.

Tackle fraud, misuse, and overspending

Control cards with spending, geographic, merchant, and industry restrictions. Issue limited-use or single-use cards, and instantly freeze cards as needed. Control which payments are approved based on your business logic, with built-in authentication screening every transaction.

Get up and running fast

Roll out your new virtual card program in as little as two weeks. Launch, test, and iterate your setup with the support of our travel payments specialists. And get all the resources to help you bring your partners on board.

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Frequently asked questions

How does work?
Dropdown Arrow enables businesses to move, manage, and optimize money by acting as an end-to-end Payment Services Provider. We empower businesses to accept payments online and disburse funds to their entities and customers through a range of payment methods and integration options.

To help merchants accept the highest possible number of legitimate payments while preventing fraud, we offer Intelligent Acceptance, Authentication, Identity Verification, and Fraud Detection tools. With these tools, businesses can find the point between risk and acceptance that’s right for them.

We also help our merchants direct funds flexibly, giving them a view of their balances across payins and payouts across all geographies and currencies, allowing them to manage these payments through a single dashboard.

Is easy to integrate with?
Dropdown Arrow

We offer a range of integration options, including hosted payment pages – a simple integration method that allows businesses to provide us with payment information, which we use to generate a link that redirects customers to a hosted payments page.

All of our integration methods are supported by detailed technical documentation, an API reference, and FAQs, with a dedicated support team to help with merchants' questions.

How reliable is’s platform?
Dropdown Arrow’s platform is built using proprietary technology and is highly resilient. Our platform has self-healing capabilities which improve scalability and optimization, allowing our platform to deliver uptime.

As a cloud-native platform, we take full advantage of utilizing availability zones. This significantly reduces redundancy and improves fault tolerance. In other words, if a failure occurs - be it due to hardware issues, software glitches, network outages, cyberattacks, or even natural disasters - our platform is designed to automatically reroute to a different, functional availability zone. 

Our innovative use of technology makes our platform a dependable partner in your business journey.