Payouts solutions globally

Send seamless payouts with infrastructure built to elevate the customer experience, improve performance and unlock global coverage through a single integration.

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Payouts solutions globally

Fast payout methods to transform customer experiences

Turn payouts into a competitive advantage with simple, convenient options that help funds get to customers faster.

Card Payouts

Make payouts to cards with funds available to customers within minutes, not days.

  • Send directly to Mastercard and Visa cards
  • Get real-time card verification
  • Deliver funds 24/7, 365 days a year

Bank Payouts illustration

Bank Payouts

Make payouts to bank accounts using local clearing methods – globally.

  • Send directly to local bank accounts
  • Get real-time bank account validation
  • Access same day or next day cross-border delivery times

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Discover payouts like you’ve never seen before

We've built payout journeys for agile, global enterprise. No matter your business, we make sure that money moves efficiently to more people in more places.

Unlock global scale from a single integration

Make money move. Anywhere you want. No additional integration needed. So you can expand into new countries to drive growth and navigate market nuances with our deep local expertise.

  • Global coverage - Send payouts to 170+ countries to maximize reach in more places
  • Global currencies - Deliver funds in 100+ currencies to deliver local experiences at scale
  • Transparent FX - Get visible, modular FX based on market-leading rate sources
  • Streamline operations - Build once and add new markets or capabilities through the same API
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Optimize your payouts performance

Optimize costs using better data-enabled tools to reduce exceptions and increase acceptance for every payout. Stay informed with real-time transaction data at every step of the payout journey.

  • Optimized data - Get upfront data formatting, validation and enrichment in every market
  • Custom notifications - Receive real-time event notifications with webhooks
  • Granular insights - Leverage data-rich response and error codes for every payout
  • Simpler reconciliation - Automate reconciliation of fees and FX across your payouts
Optimize your payouts performance illustration

Payout Compliance made easy

Stay ahead of the evolving regulatory landscape – globally. We offer built-in compliance management, reporting and dedicated customer care. So you can block financial crime and manage risk confidently.

  • Payouts compliance - Screen payouts against global sanctions and anti-money laundering rules
  • Advanced detection - Leverage custom-built rules and machine learning technology
  • Precision flagging - Minimize transactions getting stuck due to false positives
  • PCI compliance - Use data capture frames and tokenization to reduce PCI burden
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” offered us robust cross-border capabilities and helped to accelerate the pace of our expansion. It integrates with our existing customer experience and unlocks transfers to billions of cards worldwide through a single API. It’s a game-changer.“

Aleksandr Povarov

Aleksandr Povarov

Product Manager at Wise

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Frequently asked questions

How do payouts work at
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Payouts with offers a seamless way to send money to billions of cards or bank accounts over global, real-time payment networks. These new payment flows can be applied to many new use cases including P2P (e.g. Remittance), B2C (e.g Gig economy), or B2B (e.g. B2B Marketplaces). 

With, you can reduce the complexity and cost of domestic and cross-border payouts by using a single API to access multiple global payment networks to reach your customers. So you can add, test, and switch payout methods and new markets as you scale globally – without the need for new integrations. Payouts is also built into our single, scalable Unified Payments API which means that you can use the same integration for both your payments and payouts needs. 

You can deliver better payment experiences for both senders and receivers, embedding payouts methods in your website or app as part of a seamless digital experience, and using real-time payment networks like Visa Direct or Mastercard Send to pay customers quickly and simply. 

Payouts are available 24/7/ 365 so money transfers won’t be delayed or affected by evening hours, weekends, and national holidays. This real-time capability means you can meet consumer demands for rapid access to funds. 

Our data-enabled tools help you cut costs while increasing acceptance rates and improving customer experience. And with built-in compliance management like localized sanction screening and AML monitoring on every payout, it’s easy to meet your regulatory obligations and manage risk with confidence.

What types of payouts does offer?
Dropdown Arrow offers two types of payout methods including Bank Payouts and Card Payouts. 

  • Bank Payouts - allows you to send money directly to your recipient’s bank account using real-time payment networks like Faster Payments, SEPA Instant, FedWire. Each payout is optimized with real-time data formatting, bank account validation and data enrichment capabilities so you can reliably deliver payouts to recipients. Today, Bank Payouts are available domestically in the US, UK and Europe. 
  • Card account payouts - allows you to send money directly to your recipient’s card using real-time card payment networks like Visa Direct and Mastercard Send. Card Payouts are available from the US, UK, Europe and Singapore, enabling domestic and cross-border coverage to 170+ destination countries and 100 local currencies around the world.
Which businesses can benefit from using payouts from
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Businesses can use Payouts to turn funds disbursements into a competitive advantage. 

For example, if you need to move money on demand or over weekends as part of your business model, you can benefit from the real-time capability offered by Payouts. Or by making funds available to your recipients in minutes - rather than days - you can deliver significant improvements in customer experience.

Whether you need to send funds to individuals or multiple recipients at scale, B2B enterprises and those in the B2C sector can all find a payout solution that works for them. 

For example, you can conduct payroll through bank account payouts. Or if you’re an insurance provider, you can use the service to deposit the funds from a successful claim. Likewise, marketplace businesses can use payouts to settle seller transactions taken through their platform.

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