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Get a new level of payment performance with Intelligent Acceptance. Combines advanced AI, global network data, and deep payment expertise to increase conversion and unlock untapped revenue.

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End-to-end gains - big results

Calibrate every payment for success with optimizations across payment messaging, routing and retries, plus utilize Network Tokens, 3DS and new payment innovations to drive results.

Flexes to your needs

Want better cost control? conversion? or compliance? Set your payment performance to your business goals. Use on one, some, or all of your products.

X-factor experimentation

Tried and tested optimizations. Multivariate testing managed by AI continuously experiments across known and new mandates, regulation, scheme and issuer preferences so you never lose out.

Get started quickly

No additional integration, no operational overheads, no extra work required. Intelligent Acceptance comes out-of-the box and is ready to take your performance to new levels.

Results that count

Here are some of the ways Intelligent Acceptance is setting a new standard in payment performance.

*Between 2022 & 2023 for BETA merchants

UP TO 9.5%

Uplift results so far


In revenue recovered


Data points used for AI training

Works with one, some or all your payment products

Unlock performance without being locked in with a truly modular solution. Intelligent Acceptance can be applied to certain products or utilized as a performance layer across all your products.

works with payment products
End-to-end optimization

End-to-end optimization

Intelligent Acceptance optimizes in real-time across payment messaging, routing and retries.


Automatically formats, amends, adds or removes SCA, ISO data and more to ensure your payments are formatted to scheme and issuers’ unique preferences.


Dynamically routes across debit, local or global payment networks based on your business goals, highest predicted conversion rate and the unique profile of the transaction.


Built-in retry logic overcomes common errors like outdated card information, insufficient funds*, SCA soft declines, PAN or Network Token preferences and technical errors.

Harness the latest payment innovations

Know what works between existing and emerging solutions.

harness payment innovation

Network Tokens (NTs)

Focus on conversion and cost. Intelligent Acceptance utilizes NTs to unlock cost efficiencies with issuers that have adopted and prefer this credential-sharing method. NT usage is continuing tested to stay on top of adoption.


Authenticate smartly. Intelligent Acceptance determines if SCA is needed, ensures all required information is included, selects the best-performing protocol version, and applies exemptions or frictionless flows based on your risk tolerance.

Risk scoring inclusion*

Reduce false declines. Intelligent Acceptance relays to issuers risk score data from our Fraud Detection product - giving them valuable input that can assist with payment acceptance decisions. *Coming soon

smart tools

Smart tools make sure nothing is left to chance

Monitor your integration set-up and ensure end-point changes aren't hurting your business with our integration health tool.

Real-time health scoring

Assesses a range of variables and offers a percentage score based on the health of your traffic.

Actionable insights

Provides actionable insights on how to triage and decrease unhealthy traffic via your Dashboard.*


Delivers your integration health viability in your preferred channel, be it in the Dashboard, Reports or Webhooks. *Coming soon

Make payments faster. Smarter. More adaptive.

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“Since going live with Intelligent Acceptance, the conversion rate of payments processed on's rails has increased by over 9.5%. This performance improvement is colossal for our business and, crucially, for our client's bottom line.”

Melissa Pottinger

Melissa Pottinger

Head of Partnerships, Reach, money transfer provider

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