Network Tokens

Optimized payments. Advanced security.

Effortlessly integrate network tokens for better acceptance rates, better payment data security, and lower scheme fees.

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Maximize revenue

Increase acceptance rates, cut scheme fees, and lower costs with issuer-recognized tokens.

Protect payment flows

Strengthen payment security, lower false-declines, and increase payment performance.

Flexible token management

Set and forget with tokens managed by us, or take control with our merchant-managed service.

Effortless payments

Offer customers a seamless payment experience with card updates and one-click payments

Tokenizing payments globally

Here is how is committed to helping global merchants increase their acceptance rates through the adoption of network tokens.

*To achieve optimal acceptance rates, it is recommended to use Intelligent Acceptance. Merchants managing their network tokens can achieve these rates by implementing their own optimization strategy.


Merchants globally actively tokenizing payments with


Network tokens successfully provisioned by


Average increase of acceptance rates with Visa and MasterCard

Supercharge payment security and acceptance rates

Network tokens generated by card schemes replace the cardholder's PAN throughout the payment flow.

Payment tokenization supports online transaction security, even in the event of a data breach.

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Flexible token management

Choose a network token management solution that fits your payment strategy, requires minimal effort to integrate and readily adaptable for network changes.

Managed by us

We manage the entire lifecycle as your network token service provider and PSP, whilst you focus on your core business. provides:

  • Asynchronous & synchronous provisioning
  • Secure vaulting
  • Token updates
  • Optimizations

Managed by you

We will soon be offering network tokens compatible across PSPs, making it perfect for an open ecosystem, and you manage:

  • Provisioning & updates
  • Vaulting options
  • Optimization management
  • PSP routing

Continuous revenue optimization

Maximize your revenue with higher authorization rates, lower interchange fees, and frictionless payments.

Advanced payment performance

Enhance your payment ecosystem's performance by increasing your payment acceptance rate, lowering scheme fees, and enabling optimization options.

  • Issuers have greater visibility and confidence in approving transactions
  • Tokenized transactions benefit from lower interchange fees*
  • False-declines are reduced with Network Token vs PAN logic

Securely store cards on file

Keep the security of your cardholder’s data as a priority, while you concentrate on your primary operations. Store network tokens and source IDs in's Vault to save on audit costs and effort.

  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Lifecycle management
  • Fully regulated
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Frictionless online payments

Once payment credentials are stored and tokenized, offer a seamless online payment experience to maximize sales.

  • Payment tokens stay current to avoid involuntary churn
  • Reduce authentication steps with lower SCA requirements
  • Quicker payments with stored credentials
  • Simplify order amends with a hassle-free process
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The Financial Times

“Since going live with network tokenization with, the Financial Times has seen an overall increase of 1.5% on tokenized transactions. This has not only enhanced their success rate but has led to an enhanced user journey removing pain points such as out-of-date credentials”

Bernard Kpoor

Bernard Kpoor

Head of Payment Optimization, The Financial Times

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Keep payments flowing while protecting cardholder data.

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Lift performance automatically

Intelligent Acceptance is an additional performance layer, that unlocks more revenue and cost savings for your business. Leveraging AI and harnessing the power of global network data, Intelligent Acceptance optimizes Network Tokens to their fullest potential, increasing authorization rates and reducing declined transactions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a PCI token and a network token?
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The key difference between network tokenization and PCI tokenization is that the card scheme issues the network token, not the acquirer or payment service provider. This makes network tokens interoperable across the entire payment ecosystem, and for a broader range of use cases.

How are network tokens generated?
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Network tokens are generated through a process called tokenization, which involves replacing sensitive payment card information with a unique, non-sensitive identifier. Network tokens are generated automatically and in real-time by the card schemes as customers use their cards.

Do network tokens improve authorization rates?
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As card details are automatically updated by the card scheme, and fewer accounts are suspended due to fraudulent activity, the number of declines caused by fraud and out of date credentials is significantly reduced, which results in increased authorization rates.

How can network tokens protect cardholder data in the future?
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The future of network tokens goes beyond PAN tokenization. Expect data shared in payment processing and card schemes to be fully tokenized for maximum security of cardholder information in the future.

Can merchants benefit from Network Tokens through Intelligent Acceptance?
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Merchants paying for Intelligent Acceptance can leverage Network Tokens without any integration required. Intelligent Acceptance only utilizes Network Tokens if the issuer supports them and, the predicted cost is lower, or the chance of success is higher, than PAN credentials.

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