100% carbon emissions offset

At, we’re dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint and offsetting all unavoidable emissions. To date, we have offset 100% of our carbon emissions since the company was founded and continue to push for sustainability.

How we cut emissions

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Renewable energy

Buy renewable energy from suppliers wherever possible, including at our headquarters in London.

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Limited business travel

Limit business travel to strictly necessary journeys, with our policy requiring employees to consider the environmental impact.

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Low-emission commutes

Reduce commuting emissions through interest-free season ticket loans for public transport and a cycle-to-work scheme.

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Device recycling

Partner with a specialist provider to recycle electronic devices. We also provide recycling stations throughout our offices.

How we measure emissions

We partner with an established external consultancy and use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard to calculate our carbon footprint across Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

We also work with our partner to better account for upstream emissions. For example, we can now estimate the energy consumption of our cloud computing usage and the cooling needs of our supplier’s data centers, office buildings, and the transport needed to move equipment to data centers.

Scope 1

Direct emissions associated with assets we own

Scope 2

Indirect emissions linked to those assets (e.g., electricity)

Scope 3

Other indirect emissions (e.g., travel, cloud servers, and employee commuting)

Driving quantifiable change


of emissions offset extending back to the founding of the company


carbon offsetting projects funded


tons of emissions offset so far

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Investing in atmospheric carbon reduction

We purchase verified high-quality carbon avoidance and removal offsets to create an immediate impact.

Our strategy involves buying a mix of high-permanence carbon removal offsets and carbon avoidance offsets to ensure scalability.

This approach is essential because we measure a broader set of Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions and remain committed to offsetting every tonne of CO2 emissions to a high standard.

Truly accountable carbon offsetting

We purchase verified carbon offsets from reputable registries to ensure we are making a sustainable impact.

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