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Jow and unearth the secret ingredient to seamless grocery shopping

Jow and unearth the secret ingredient to seamless grocery shopping

Aug 8, 2023
  • Through a collaborative effort, Jow and successfully developed and launched a bespoke single-use virtual card program in March 2023. 
  • To date, Jow has issued 2 million virtual cards, processed hundreds of millions of dollars, and achieved an acceptance rate exceeding 99%. 
  • The partnership with has revolutionized Jow’s payments operations, providing enhanced control over fund flows and ensuring seamless transactions for customers and suppliers. 

In an ever-evolving world where technology simplifies daily activities, grocery shopping remains an ongoing challenge for time-strapped consumers. The abundance of choices, combined with the arduous task of sifting through countless products and aisles, has led shoppers to seek more seamless and personalized approaches to filling their carts.

Enter Jow, France’s leading e-grocery player, with its revolutionary platform that eliminates the hassle of manually selecting groceries on an app. Instead, Jow entices users with unique recipes and seamlessly populates their carts with the necessary ingredients – all with a few taps on screen.

Smooth-flowing payments are vital for seamless grocery shopping. That’s why Jow relies on’s full-stack platform to manage its end-to-end payments ecosystem with unmatched speed and reliability. Leveraging our Accept Online and Issuing products, Jow enables seamless transactions for both customers and suppliers, and takes control over its entire payments value chain – creating a unique connection between technology, culinary exploration, and the joy of shared meals.

Enhanced supplier relationships, one card at a time

Jow and’s partnership started early on when Jow acknowledged the importance of streamlining consumer payments. But it wasn’t until the company saw the challenge in offering efficient and secure payments to its network of nearly 10 grocery partners that the partnership grew even further. 

“We wanted to really understand how payment works in the context of grocery shopping. So, we had many technical discussions with the team to understand every situation and to be sure that whatever the context, Jow was able to pay grocers with virtual cards issued by,” says Antoine Maillard, co-founder and CTO of Jow.  

Together with Jow, developed and integrated a customized, single-use virtual card program – an innovative solution that saved valuable time and resources by eliminating the process of manual check-writing or bank transfers. 

The speed and reliability of payments strengthened Jow's partnerships with suppliers, ensuring Jow receives the best quality groceries for its customers.

Optimized fund flows: a recipe for success

By leveraging for both acquiring and issuing, Jow gains control of its end-to-end payment flows, optimizing fund management of its payment cycle from beginning to end. 

“Having the same payments partner for the two is very important because we only have one technical solution – one API – so that makes it easy. So, having a single partner to rule everything is key,” he says.

As our partnership continues to evolve and Jow fully integrates's issuing capabilities, they will gain the ability to transfer funds in real time from their balance to their virtual cards. This advancement will eliminate pre-funding requirements and significantly enhance Jow's liquidity management, providing an even more streamlined and efficient financial operation.

Uninterrupted payments with 3DS

3D Secure (3DS) is an authentication protocol used in online transactions to bolster the security of card payments. But a lack of understanding of 3DS can result in unwanted outcomes like false declines, reduced acceptance rates, abandoned carts, technical issues, and, most notably, poor user experiences.

When Jow launched its card program, 3DS took center stage as Jow struggled to strike the optimal balance between security and user experience. 

“We worked really hard with the team to understand every failure in real time when we built this product together,” notes Antoine. “When 3DS wasn’t working the way we wanted it to, we had many debug sessions directly with the team to understand why something went wrong and to fix them so every payment actually worked.”

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Collaboration: the cherry on top values merchant feedback and actively works with them to develop tailored payment solutions. Innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand, and the partnership with Jow is a perfect example of this. 

As one of’s BETA merchants for the Issuing product, Jow worked closely with the team to build and launch a game-changing solution that solved the pains of paying suppliers efficiently. With Jow’s valuable input, was able to launch a solution tailored to Jow’s needs but also many others that find it difficult paying suppliers efficiently

“The fact that we were able to build this product together was really amazing. We had the opportunity to fine-tune the product for our own needs,” Antoine says. “We had discussions almost every day. It was a very fluid and easy process together.” 

Revolutionizing payments, expanding horizons

As Jow looks to expand into new markets, Antoine says it will look to the Checkout team for more guidance:

“Our biggest challenge for the months to come is our expansion into the US,” he says. “It’s key for us to rely on because we use both the acquiring and issuing services, and this partnership is really important for the success of our US expansion.”   

With Issuing now added to its payment capabilities, Jow can focus on its core business of delivering fresh groceries, solidifying its position as a leader in the e-grocery industry – and cementing its leading position in new markets in the years to come.

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