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Checkout.com fa crescere del 16% i ricavi online di The ENTERTAINER

Checkout.com fa crescere del 16% i ricavi online di The ENTERTAINER

Nov 13, 2019

As one of the fast-growing companies in the UAE, and with ecommerce in this region booming, the ENTERTAINER was dealing with an increasing number of online transactions that showed no signs of slowing down. To capitalize on the rising number of transactions, the ENTERTAINER needed to ensure it had the right payment gateway firmly in place to process these payments.

Realizing that its current payment gateway was mistakenly declining a vast number of transactions, caused by a fundamental lack of its understanding about the payments landscape in the UAE, the ENTERTAINER turned to Checkout.com as its payment gateway of choice to recover these incorrectly declined transactions. Working together with Checkout.com, who have a strong presence in the UAE, the ENTERTAINER immediately saw a 16% increase in its online revenue.  

David Ashford, CIO, ENTERTAINER, states that, “Checkout.com is by far the best payment provider we’ve ever worked with. After switching from a previous provider, we saw a 16% boost in our online revenue.”  

The loss in revenue from the declined transactions came down to two specific points which the incumbent provider couldn’t overcome. The first was down to not knowing how the address verification process works in the UAE, and the second was around failure to understand the restrictions made to debit/credit cards by banks on online transactions when first issued. Failure to recognize and quickly act on these two elements not only caused extensive revenue losses for the ENTERTAINER, but it also created an undesirable buying experience for consumers.

Checkout.com’s ability to partner with the ENTERTAINER efficiently, understand the landscape, identify any problems and then work to resolve these immediately is a huge competitive differentiator that sets it apart from the other players in the market.  

“Checkout.com is a true partner in every sense of the word, helping us strike the balance between customer experience, security, performance, innovation, product development and everything in between, I’ve always recommended Checkout.com to industry peers and will continue to do so,” says David Ashford.

Most recently, Checkout.com brought Apple Pay to its customers in the UAE, including the ENTERTAINER, who went live with one-touch payments at the end of October 2017.  

To discuss your business’ international payment requirements, get in touch with one of our specialists today.  

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