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Bringing Apple Pay to the UAE: Touch ID Payments on Apps and Websites


For, the introduction of Apple Pay in the United Arab Emirates marks another significant step in our global journey. This news follows our recent expansion into the U.S. and highlights our continual growth on all fronts and across all regions. As a company, we first started operating in the UAE back in 2013. In the past four years, we’ve seen smartphones change commerce drastically, and the UAE is no exception. The UAE has wholeheartedly embraced the mobile-first revolution and propelled e-commerce to new heights, with the highest mobile spend per purchase globally, according to KPMG.

This transformation has completely altered the way products and services in this region are purchased. Want to order takeout, buy new jeans or book a romantic spa day for two? Mobile is the platform of choice. However, along with this change, there are naturally new business requirements and customer pain-points that need to be addressed.

At, we listen to the needs and requirements of our customers to deliver exactly what they want. In the UAE, there is an increasing demand for fluid, frictionless payments methods that not only integrate in a few simple steps but remove all the drama associated with having to manually input information in, all while remaining completely secure.

We constantly want to ensure that we’re bringing the most innovative and valuable products to market. We have a rich heritage in the UAE and will continue to build on our strong presence in the region. Launching Apple Pay is proof that we’re not about to take our foot off the gas pedal, we’ve barely revved the engine.

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Fueled by the desire to enable businesses to create better payments experiences for their communities, Guillaume founded in 2012. Over the last decade, the company has delivered high-performance payments solutions to thousands of large enterprise merchants, and has a global team spread across 19 offices—although he still describes it as being in ‘chapter zero’.

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