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Charity starts at the Checkout


We are living in truly unprecedented times. When Coronavirus hit last year, it upended many aspects of day-to-day life. But it forced people to pull together, inspiring a wave of innovative partnerships and collaborations targeting the multitude of challenges society suddenly faced. This has certainly been our experience at While helping the businesses we serve respond to the economic consequences of the pandemic, we looked for ways of using our payments technology to help community groups respond to the social consequences.

In March 2020, we were approached by Rapidward, an Australian not-for-profit organization solving supply chain issues for Covid-19 protective equipment and tests. We were delighted to be able to offer them free processing which means more funds reach the Rapidward top line to help them continue in the fight against coronavirus.

In May we also had the opportunity to partner with online donations platform, YallaGive, for whom we waived fees to process '10 Million Meals' initiative. The project concluded with over 15 million meals pledged. Online donations raised 1.4 million meals, with SMS donations netting over 771,000 and call centers raising 720,000. The remaining donations were made by business leaders pledging 5.7 million meals and donations from the humanitarian sector which resulted in 6.8 million meals.

Abdulla Al Nuaimi, Founder of YallaGive said "We are proud to be part of the 10 Million Meals initiative, which has seen millions of people come together in these difficult times.

We relied on to process all of our online donations. The team have been amazing supporters to our work from the day we started! has solid infrastructure and features that support our operations to secure millions of dirhams that change people's lives in many countries around the world."

Right now we are facing a succession of global challenges, not only the Coronavirus pandemic, but also economic recession, environmental issues, a lack of access to education, gender inequality and many more. As a global fintech, we already process payments for thousands of merchants and by extension, millions of end consumers and as a profitable business, it’s our responsibility to give back. We have seen, first hand, the positive difference that can be made when scalable technology and good causes unite.  That is why, this month, we are launching Giving to provide all our services entirely free of charge for selected registered charities that meet the criteria in the countries in which we currently operate.

With our enterprise focus and after a careful review of the landscape, we believe our solution to work best for global charities accepting larger volumes of donations. We are acutely aware of the impact that the pandemic has had on smaller charities and their ability to raise funds. That's why we’ve also partnered with fundraising platforms, like JustGiving to process payments and unlock this solution for small charities and individuals raising for noble causes. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our solution, we enable payments in more than 150 currencies, with in-country acquiring, world-class fraud filters and reporting, all accessed through a single API. We enable brands to accept all major international credit and debit cards, as well as popular alternative and local payment methods. 

I encourage any charities who require payment services or advice with payments to please contact our team. We are grateful for the work that you are doing and we want to help you.


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Fueled by the desire to enable businesses to create better payments experiences for their communities, Guillaume founded in 2012. Over the last decade, the company has delivered high-performance payments solutions to thousands of large enterprise merchants, and has a global team spread across 19 offices—although he still describes it as being in ‘chapter zero’.

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