Payment methods

Accept Boleto Bancário – A popular payment method in Brazil

Unlock the largest economy in Latin American. Commonly known as Boleto, this cash-based payment method generates 3.7 billion transactions per year.

Key benefits

Cash payments for online purchases. Everywhere.

Online payments made accessible. A payment slip enables customers to pay for their online transaction in cash at convenient locations across the country – no need for a bank account.


Customers can pay at banks, retail outlets, post offices and ATMs across Brazil.

Connect to consumers

With 15% market share, Boleto is a must-have option in this market.


Transactions are paid in cash – so there's no risk of chargebacks.

Unlock new segments

Accessible online payments for the 30% of population that is unbanked.

Add Boleto to your payments flow

Let's get you up and running with Boleto so you can get more value from every transaction. Reach out to our local experts today.

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