Payouts as a differentiator and the changing boundaries of finance

  • When: Wednesday 26th May, 4:00 p.m. BST / 11:00 a.m. ET


The growing ubiquity of smart devices, online commerce, changing workforce and globalization of markets has changed how we pay each other. Consumers and businesses who are owed money want to be paid fast. And merchants need to keep up.

In this Build Beyond session, we’ll explore the evolution of the payout market and the challenges businesses face with their offering. We’ll look at the impact of real-time payments and the growing demand for seamless cross-border transactions and why payout capabilities are a differentiating factor.

Discover the benefits of seamlessly moving money in and out of your business

Hear from experts on their experience of the changing financial landscape and the impact of evolving customer expectations

Learn how to fine-tune your payout strategy to future-proof your business

Meet the speakers

Moshe Winegarten - Moderator



Justin Zhao

Senior Director and Global Strategy Lead

Visa Direct


Nick Newman

Strategic Initiatives Director Treasury