More friendly, less fraud: how merchants can build ecosystems of trust to the benefit of all.

  • When: Wednesday 11th August, 9:00 a.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. BST


Billions of dollars are refunded in the form of chargebacks to customers every year. In 2020, the rapid increase in online sales as a result of the pandemic, while welcome in terms of revenue, saw a significant rise in chargebacks and friendly fraud.

Yet, it’s surprising that 67% of merchants don’t even receive the fraud and chargeback analytics which would empower them to act preemptively.

In this Build Beyond session, we’ll look at how merchants can work with consumers to reduce chargebacks. We’ll unpick trends in consumer behavior and how data can help iterate and learn plus we’ll look at how the right kind of fraud solutions are key to building ecosystems of trust between consumers and merchants. 

Discuss the impact of chargebacks beyond revenue loss and how data can help prevent this. 

Consider how the scheme changes may impact the landscape going forward.

Understand how merchants can foster trust, transparency and convenience which can reduce the number of disputes raised by consumers.

Meet the speakers

Bradley Riss



Adrian Sanders