Exploding myths and exploring metaverses: What really matters in payments now

  • When: Wednesday 17th November, 4:00 p.m. GMT / 8:00 a.m. PT


Are your ecommerce payments strategies succumbing to groupthink? In this session of Build Beyond we’re hosting ecommerce payments expert Lily Varon from Forrester, to challenge received wisdoms and bust tired myths.

Who cares about APMs? In the age of the blockchain why is authentication still a thing? Why aren’t you smashing the metaverse and will you, in time for Christmas? And as NFTs change the meaning of ownership what does it mean for the future of ecommerce? Tune in to hear answers to this and more.

Explore surprising insights on the future of commerce and how digital payments are powering business model innovation 

Hear from industry expert, Lily Varon, about how to keep ahead of the competition

Learn why payments are really all about the customer

Meet the speakers

Bradley Riss




Lily Varon

Senior Analyst