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Digital tokens take off

  • When: Tuesday, August 10, 3:00 pm BST

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How NFTs are unlocking new opportunities in ecommerce

The idea of spending millions on a piece of digital art that you can’t put on your wall (or even stop others copying) isn’t for everyone. But NFTs have taken off – with enough people willing to exchange crypto for unique digital tokens representing music, movie clips, even jewelry and apparel.

NFTs are redefining how we think about online shopping, value, ownership, security, and customer experience. So how can businesses use this emerging fusion of digital and traditional to drive growth today and tomorrow?

Join Checkout.com Chief of Staff Jess Houlgrave in discussion with key leaders about how NFTs are transforming ecommerce.

Meet the speakers

Jessica Houlgrave - Moderator

Chief of Staff, Checkout.com

and Co-founder, Codex Protocol


Cathy Hackl

Tech Futurist and Chief Metaverse Officer

Futures Intelligence Group


Mickey Maher

SVP of Partnerships

Dapper Labs


Patrick McLaren

Chief Operating Officer

Nifty Gateway


Nick Tran

Head of Global Marketing