Balancing risk and reward: How SCA can work for your business

  • When: Thursday March 31st, 4:00 p.m. BST / 11 a.m. ET

What to expect:

For some businesses, becoming SCA compliant has simply been a hurdle they needed to overcome. For others, SCA has been elevated from a security conversation into an opportunity to rethink the customer journey, win trust, and gain protection from liability.

In this episode of Build Beyond, we will deep dive into the changes we’ve seen from 3DS to EMV 3DS2.x and what the recent UK deadline really meant for businesses. We’ll explore how business leaders are building exemption strategies to make SCA work for them, and what you need to know to turn this regulatory requirement into a vital part of your fraud strategy.

Exploring what the deadline on March 14th meant for businesses that didn’t have an exemption strategy in place. 

Understanding how the differences in 3DS2.2 and beyond are changing the way we see authentication. 

Gaining actionable insights on how businesses are doing SCA ‘the smart way’.

Meet the speakers

Shaun Puckrin

SVP Product


Dean Jordaan

Director of Payments



Oliver Steeley

Head of Payments

Marks & Spencer


Thomas Zink

Lead Analyst