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View statements

Last updated: 6th July 2022

Statements are an easy way to view the processed amount, refunds, chargebacks, processing fees, rolling reserve moments, and general adjustments for a given period.

About statements

Unlike reports, statements are automatically created based on your payout frequencies. The Statements screen allows you to download all previously created statements.

hub statements

If you're an administrator, you can view your current payout frequencies in the Settings screen, under Payouts. To make any changes to your payouts, please contact your Customer Success manager.

Payout statuses

The Status column informs you of the current status of the payout for each statement.



The revenue generated for this period has been paid out to your account.


The revenue generated for this period will be carried forward to the next period.


The revenue generated for this period is in the process of being transferred to your account.


There was no revenue generated for this period. No statement was created as a result.

Download statements

  1. In the Payouts screen, find the statement you want to download. You can use the navigation on the left to go through the available periods.
  2. Select the PDF button in the Download column. The download starts immediately.

For help understanding the contents of your statement, see Statements explained.