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Alipay+ terms

Last updated: 3rd August 2022

These Alipay+ Payment Method Rules apply if you elect to offer payment methods supported by Alipay+ to your customers via

Acceptance Marks means the Alipay+ Brand Mark and (if applicable) the Mobile Payment Partners’ trade marks identified by Alipay+ to indicate the acceptance of Mobile Payment Partner Products.

Alipay+ means Alipay Connect Pte. Ltd. and all of its affiliates that operate Alipay+ Core, including its and their successors and assigns.

Alipay+ Brand Mark means a mark, including word, name, logo, design, symbol and trademark, that represents Alipay+ and its products and services.

Alipay+ Core means the systems and services through which Alipay+ delivers electronic payment processing, clearing and settlement services to its partners, including

Alipay+ Services means the transaction processing and clearing services as well as fund settlement services, technical consultancy and technical support services provided by Alipay+ to its partners, including

Auto Debit is an online payment product provided by Alipay+, whereby a customer enters into an Auto Debit agreement with a merchant in order to enjoy automatic payment for subsequent transactions.

Mobile Payment Partner means a payment service provider that has entered into an agreement with Alipay+ whereby it issues Mobile Payment Partner Products to customers, enters into an agreement with a customer, or processes a transaction for a customer.

Mobile Payment Partner Products means products offered by Mobile Payment Partners to customers to enable customers to discharge payment obligations to merchants through the use of, or in reliance on, the Alipay+ Services.

  1. Subject to compliance with applicable laws, you shall not decline to accept any available Mobile Payment Partner Products.

  2. You shall comply with applicable data retention laws and retain all data stored, processed or created by you or on your behalf, including transaction data and documents, for at least five (5) years after the relevant transaction, or such longer period as may be required by law.

  3. You may only initiate refunds for an Alipay+ transaction within twelve (12) months after the transaction date.

  4. Where you request to activate an Auto Debit agreement, you must:

    (a) fully inform the customer of the terms and conditions of the Auto Debit transaction, including the validity period and the scope of such product;

    (b) give the customer an option whether to activate the Auto Debit agreement; and

    (c) submit both your legal name and trading name in the Auto Debit activation request.

    You must also provide customers with customer-friendly means to terminate the Auto Debit agreement and submit an Auto Debit cancellation request via to Alipay+ Core and cease to collect payments from the customer upon termination of the Auto Debit agreement.

  5. You must only submit Auto Debit deduction requests in line with the customer’s authorization.

  6. You understand that Mobile Payment Partners may initiate transaction-related disputes, including requests for information or refunds, through Alipay+ Core, and that is obligated to respond to the dispute. You agree to cooperate with’s such efforts.

  7. You must implement procedures and written policies to protect your customers’ accounts from unauthorized access, and promptly notify of any unauthorized access to such customer accounts.

  8. You must not submit any Alipay+ transaction with respect to any goods or services in the following categories:

    (a) adult goods or services;

    (b) gambling or lottery services;

    (c) online sale of any tobacco product;

    (d) any type of weapon;

    (e) goods or services that infringe privacy or property;

    (f) financial products or services, including money transmission services and cryptocurrency;

    (g) biochemically infectious product;

    (h) goods or services that endanger national security or contain discriminatory content including in relation to race, gender, religion or region;

    (i) generic or pseudo-pharmaceutical, anesthetic or psychotropic medicine, narcotic or surrogacy services; and

    (j) any goods or services that are illegal or prohibited in the jurisdiction where you or your customer are based.

  9. You shall not make any press release or public announcement about Alipay+, the Alipay+ Service, Alipay+ Core, or your business relationship with Alipay+ (including transaction numbers or amounts, corridor performance, business growth or plans), or otherwise publicly disclose such information without Alipay+’s prior written consent.

  10. Alipay+ is the exclusive owner of the Alipay+ Brand Mark. You shall:

    (a) use the Alipay+ Brand Mark in accordance with the Alipay+ Brand Guidelines;

    (b) sufficiently identify yourself in all materials (including images, sound or through any other medium) which bear, use or refer to the Alipay+ Brand Mark; and

    (c) not use the Alipay+ Brand Mark to promote or denote any product or service that is not an Alipay+ product.

  11. You shall display the Acceptance Marks on the relevant checkout page (or in the case of Auto Debit, on the agreement activation page), to indicate the acceptance of Mobile Payment Partner Products and on the payment result page, to indicate that the payment was processed through Alipay+ Core. You shall display the Alipay+ Brand Mark:

    (a) whenever you display the trade marks or other brand identifier of a Mobile Payment Partner;

    (b) with at least the same prominence as you display the trade marks or brand identifiers of any other payment methods accepted by you in the same context.