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The Hub at a glance

Last updated: April 29, 2022

The Hub is your single source for monitoring and analyzing all your payments. Get payment history, details and status – all in one place. You can also view customer data and statement summaries, so nothing slips through the cracks.

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This section of the docs is for the Hub version 2. If you are an existing merchant using the Classic API, you can access the Hub version 1 documentation here.

Monitor your business’ performance

Check your key performance indicators at a glance and dig into your total generated revenue, net revenue, sales, refunds and disputed payments.

Track and manage your payments

Access real-time information about your payments and your customers. Choose whether to capture, refund, void or blacklist payments in a few clicks.

Get to know your customers better

View key insights to find out more about your customers and their habits – everything from associated cards and payments to lifetime value.

Export your data for further analysis

Generate CSV reports about payments disputes and retrievals, and download PDF statements to help reconcile your bank payouts.

Combat chargebacks

Use our disputes management tool for easier, faster dispute resolution.

Manage your business settings

Manage your Hub users and their permissions, your business bank accounts and channels, and sign up to a variety of webhook notifications to stay informed.