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For the test (sandbox) environment, please email to add new payment methods to your account.

For the live environment, please get in touch with your customer success manager to add new payment methods to your account.

You can find out more about the payment methods we support on our documentation site.

No, the Reconciliation API is not available in the sandbox environment. You must have a live account to use the Reconciliation API.

My Account

To start with, you should sign up for a test account so you can try out your integration before going live. This will give you access to the sandbox version of the Hub.

Once your integration has been completed and you wish to get a live account, please contact our Sales team at

You can log in to the Hub by going to Use the account credentials provided to you in your account-creation email.

To log in to your sandbox environment (using the same credentials as your live account), click here.

If you don't have an account yet, sign up for a test account.

If you don't have account credentials for the Hub, you should request credentials from your company’s Hub account administrator.

To reset the password on your live account, fill in this form. To reset the password on your sandbox account, fill in this one. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.


Data is held in sandbox for seven days before being deleted. Unused accounts are deleted after one month of inactivity.

Payments and refunds

If you receive an error code, it means something has gone wrong with your request. The code will tell you the nature of the problem, with the usual issues being invalid formatting (like an invalid shipping address) and processing errors (like a payment method not being supported). Please refer to our error codes guide to learn about specific codes.

My Account

In your Hub account, go to Settings > My profile and scroll down to the Profile information section. You'll need to enter your current password before changing it.


Yes. However, you will only receive webhook notifications specific to the API used. So if, for instance, you request a payment using the Unified Payments API, you will only receive webhooks for event types associated with the Unified Payments API.