Research report

Payments optimization in APAC

Innovation from the global frontier: In our regional research report, we surveyed 12,000+ consumers across APAC about their views on digital payments and ecommerce.

Plus, get actionable advice from thought leaders at SHOPLINE, Atome, Gamer2Gamer and more.

Report highlights

Discover the 360-degree trends of how consumers, merchants, schemes and payment providers are shaping the region.

54% of consumers across APAC have spent more money online since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

35% of APAC consumers surveyed see cross-border optionality as an important reason why they like to shop online

80% of APAC consumers say they use some form of fintech app to manage their finances

What's inside

The importance of a hyper-localized approach

76% of Japanese consumers surveyed said they would not buy from a website that was not fully in Japanese throughout the shopping and paying experience.

Women are holders of the digital purse strings

In China, Thailand and Indonesia 21% of women use fintech apps to grow their wealth through investment platforms.

The power of Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later has become a key reason in itself to shop and pay online, particularly among those under the age of 30 in the region.