JCB International and Sign Merchant Acquiring Partnership in 36 European Countries and the UAE

Today we’re excited to announce the signing of a License Agreement with JCB International Co., Ltd., the only international payment brand originating in Japan, to start acquiring services in 36 European countries and the UAE.

We are now able to offer all merchants the ability to accept payments from over 106 million cards running on the JCB International Network.

With this, becomes one of the very few acquirers to offer straight access to all major card networks, and one of the few pure play eCommerce acquirers to be awarded the JCB Licence in Europe.

This increases further the large customer base our merchants can reach, and advances our strategy of providing enterprise merchants a direct and seamless connection to all the major card payment schemes, via our proprietary full-stack technology.

We are very pleased to have concluded this important partnership, and are looking forward to helping JCB drive acceptance further in Europe.

This agreement is the latest milestone in our licensing endeavours to support our acquiring solution, providing a strong base for an exciting growth path going forward.

For more details, please read our full press release

For any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Brings its Ping Pong Prowess to Bounce!

The crew got together last Thursday for another unforgettable team event. Our plan was to head for dinner in Shoreditch, followed by a friendly (but fierce) ping pong competition.

From our offices near Oxford Circus, we journeyed east to MEATmission, one of East London’s most storied burger temples. With our bellies full of gourmet grub, we then made our way next door to Europe’s largest purpose built Social Ping Pong Club, Bounce.

There is never a dull moment at a team event, especially when sports are involved!

The competition was fierce and scores remained tight throughout the night. We uncovered some really talented ping-pong players along the way, but a few stood out from the crowd. We are pleased to announce that the night’s big winners were (drum roll please!) . . .

Table 1: Hrair, VP of Tech Finance

Table 2: Soheib, Data Engineer

Table 3: Emilie, Senior HR Manager

Congratulations to our champions and everyone else who participated!

We’d also like to extend a big Thank You to our amazing HR Team, who put the event together, and our Development Manager, Marc, for the great photos.

At, our mentality is based on working hard . . . and having fun too! We value a positive work environment and a strong team spirit. Last Thursday was another great team event and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

Interested in joining the “Dream Team”? Have a look at our careers section! at the eCommerce Expo in London

Hot on the heels of a successful trip to eCommerce Paris, we are very excited to announce that will be exhibiting for a second year at the eCommerce Expo in London! Come see us on 28 and 29 September at booth E1472Meet Our Team

Heading up our booth this year will be Thierry Meyer, Sales Manager Europe, along with Sales Managers Antoine Nougué and Matthieu Barral. All three will be on hand to discuss how can help grow your business and answer any enquiries you may have. CEO Speaking at the Payments & Cross-Border Theatre

We are also pleased to announce that this year the Founder and CEO of, Guillaume Pousaz, is scheduled to give two talks at the expo’s Payments & Cross-Border Theatre:

eCommerce success: What do I need from my payment service provider? (28 September, 14:30-15:00)

In this session, Guillaume will cover the questions that any payment service provider should answer and potentially support contractually when it comes to their online payments offering.

Success in e-commerce ultimately boils down to optimising the online consumer buying journey, and often this means being able to scale beyond a pure domestic play. The opportunities in cross-border e-commerce are endless and potentially very profitable, but they leave little room for approximation

Understanding ecommerce pricing: The pros & cons of IC++ (29 September, 13:45 -14:15)

Navigating through the fees imposed by Visa and MasterCard can be difficult to say the least. This session aims to bring clarity to the situation by covering the best strategies and metrics merchants can use to evaluate and select the pricing model that best suits their needs and will help them create long-term value for their ecommerce business. Also, a review of some price changes that have already been communicated by the card schemes, with a special focus on cross-border processing, an area which often comes with significant premiums.

Let’s Talk

Anyone interested in attending the eCommerce Expo can register for free tickets here. We’d love to have a chat about how we can help your e-commerce business thrive.

We look forward to meeting you at booth E1472!

About the eCommerce Expo

The eCommerce Expo will be held at Olympia London on Wednesday September 28th from 9am to 5pm and Thursday the 29th from 9am to 4:40 pm. This expo is designed to give you the essential tools and inspiration you need to grow market share in these fast-moving times. The packed agenda includes masterclasses in driving conversion rates, improving the omni-channel customer experience; plus information on branching out into global markets.

Find out about the trends and technologies that will have a big impact on growing your ecommerce business. The eCommerce Expo is an unmissable event regrouping thousands of B2C and B2B ecommerce professionals that come together with some of the most innovative suppliers of ecommerce technologies and services for two days of networking opportunities, business, education and inspiration.

Scholarship Award: and the winner is….

Technology and entrepreneurship have always been at the heart of and we continuously strive to support the next generation of innovators. This is why we launched our very first Scholarship Program a few months back, to help budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.’s Scholarship Committee is proud to announce that Ms. Yumi Tsoy is the winner of our £1,000 Scholarship Award for her app that disrupts the traditional legal world by connecting people around the world with trustworthy and qualified lawyers. This award will support the funding of her MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College Business School.

We received an overwhelming response and interest and are astonished by the quality of some ideas we received, which makes us feel both humble and proud that so many talented individuals were inspired by this entrepreneurial challenge. We would like to warmly thank all the participants. will continue to support UK students by launching a series of initiatives and sponsoring student events in order to create awareness and push more young entrepreneurs towards achieving their goals.

Keep an eye on our blog to learn about our upcoming events and next Scholarship Award!

Top 10 Must-Haves in a Payment Service Provider

Payment Service Providers (PSP) have to be as fast, efficient and user-friendly as possible. Simplicity is key. For shoppers, making a payment should be the easiest part about using a website or app.

Here are the top 10 qualities to look for in a PSP if you’re running an online business, and how can help you fulfil each one!

1. Helps Extend Your Global Sales

Today, alternative payments represent approximately 50% of all online transactions – a statistic that underscores the need for a versatile PSP.

Given the dynamic nature of the online payment landscape, it is more important than ever for online merchants to not only accept all major credit/debit cards, but also a wide range of alternative payment methods to appeal to customers who may not live in a region where major credit cards are preferred.

As an online merchant you can expand your international customer base and maximise profits by accepting popular regional alternative payment methods alongside major credit cards.’s online payment solution broadens payment options, allowing merchants to accept a wide range of international credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, as well as alternative payment methods such as SOFORT, Tenpay, and Alipay.  Our technology also supports geo-localisation, displaying the most relevant alternative payment methods to customers based on their location, which increases speed and efficiency of the overall payment process.

2. Reduces Your Risks Through a Management Tool for Fraud and Chargebacks

Fraud is every online merchant’s nightmare. It is a common cause of chargebacks, which result in billion of dollars in lost revenue for merchants each year. Some red flags of fraudulent transactions include: large value or rushed orders, usage of multiple cards or buying in bulk, and a mismatch between the shipping country and issuing country.’s all-in-one management dashboard, The Hub, includes live reporting, analytics and 100+ configurable risk settings designed to help you reduce fraud and chargebacks. Our Flexible 3D Secure feature is an option available to merchants that give you as a merchant the control over which types of transactions to flag for approval, and allow you to shift the liability of the chargeback to the issuing banks.

3. Provides a Simple and Intuitive Platform for Your Customers

Each additional step during the checkout process reduces the likelihood of shoppers completing the payment process.  It is vital for you to offer a great user experience on your payment page. A simple and intuitive payment platform is the key to minimising shopping cart abandonment and, in turn, maximising profits. allows your customers to checkout directly in your app or on your website, providing a great user experience.  The process is simple with no redirection to a separate page – your customers simply enter their details and go.  Our payment gateway is also customisable.  The integration gives you the control to update your logo, turn on or off payment options, and much more.

4. Provides a Secure Payment Process for Transaction Data

In order to provide security and protection for Cardholder’s data during a transaction, The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) enforces a baseline set of requirements for any party wishing to process, store or transmit cardholder data. offers versatile payment solutions designed for both PCI Compliant and non-PCI Compliant merchants. With being Level One PCI Compliant, we are legally able to store card data on your behalf at the highest compliance level.

5. Improves Your Approval Ratio (Wait, What is an Approval Ratio?)

An approval ratio represents the proportion of your transactions approved by issuing banks (your customer’s bank).  In other words, if 95 out of 100 of your transactions are approved and successfully processed, your approval ratio would be 95%. is a principal member and a direct acquirer of all major card brands (VISA/ Mastercard/ Diners-Discover/ AMEX/ UnionPay). controls the full value chain of the payment process, which allows us to maximise your approval ratio.  By working with us, you are working with a UK acquirer which is an important factor in improving your approval ratio.

To find out more, please get in contact at:

6. Has Low Processing Costs to Maximise Your Profits

When choosing the right PSP for your business, cost is an obvious consideration.’s status as a direct acquirer of major internet credit and debit cards means we are able to take full accountability along the payment value chain.  This extends from developing and integrating our own Payment Gateway Technology to providing acquiring services and supporting merchants’ growth through Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Risk and Fraud, and analytics.

What this all means is that we are able to offer low processing fees for merchants.  With’s fully integrated solution, you are able to receive competitive pricing determined from the interchange rate as no third parties are present to take an additional ‘cut’.

To learn more about how can provide a simple yet robust online payment system for your business, get a free quote now!

7. Has the Ability to Take Immediate Actions on Transactions via Real-Time Reporting

As an online merchant, it is important to have a systemic tool at your disposal to help you manage your payments and monitor them in real time.

We used the latest technology to develop The Hub, our 100% proprietary online dashboard to help you manage your payments in real-time.  Within The Hub, you can track and control your transactions as they come in, allowing you to take actions such as to refund your customers immediately and to decide when to ship certain online orders.  Additionally, you are also able to detect fraud warnings at an early stage. puts the power in your hands, giving you the control to manage your payments in real-time.

8. Expands Your Reach to Mobile Shoppers

With the UK’s mobile commerce (m-commerce) market expected to reach £40 billion by 2019, offering an online payment method for your customers that is mobile-friendly and responsive is becoming a must if you want to expand your sales to the ever-growing population of mobile shoppers. offers payment solutions that are mobile responsive, meaning our payment gateway can detect when shoppers are using a mobile device and respond with a mobile-friendly payment form.  This allows us to help you deliver a great user experience for mobile users.

Whether you need to accept payments through your app or through your website browser on a mobile device,’s easy-to-use payment gateway has you covered. We also offer virtual terminal/telephone order (MOTO) payment services.

9. Answers Your Questions Promptly and Offers Ongoing Support

In the event of running into a problem with your payment processing system, you want to be able to receive support rapidly to resolve the issue and avoid potential loss of profit.

With four offices around the world (London, Dubai, Singapore, and Mauritius), we have a dedicated customer service and relationship management team available to answer any enquiries or concerns you may have.

Without third parties involved, has full control of the value chain and can act as your single point of contact, saving you the hassle of having to reach out to different parties for each issue that may arise.

10. Easily Integrates with Your Current Shopping Cart

Having a reliable payment gateway that integrates easily with your shopping cart is an important consideration.

The advantage of choosing a third party payment service solution provider for your shopping cart is the flexibility in payment options tailored to your needs.  For instance, with as the payment gateway for your shopping cart, you can customise your payment page and choose from a variety of payment methods suitable for your customers.

If you are using Shopify or Spreedly as your shopping cart, all you need to start accepting payments with is to insert a “live key” to seamlessly and easily integrate’s services into your current shopping cart.


Congratulations, you have made it through the whole post!

How to Use Billing Descriptors to Decrease Chargebacks

When consumers open their credit card statement at the end of a billing month, many of them scan the descriptions of the charges to ensure everything they are paying for is something they truly bought.

For ecommerce merchants, the descriptor they use to identify the charge is of paramount importance because a consumer can’t always connect a product he received in the mail with the line item on his credit card statement. This confusion can lead to the initiation of a chargeback. In many cases, the consumer indeed made the purchase, but sincerely does not recognise the charge on the bill. Hence, a carefully chosen billing descriptor could be a merchant’s solution to reduce such chargebacks.

What is a Billing Descriptor?

A billing descriptor is the description of a transaction that appears on a customer’s credit card statement. It is meant to help customers positively identify their card transactions by including information about the date of each payment and the company from which it was purchased. The length of a Billing Descriptor is usually limited to between 20 to 25 characters in length plus the merchant’s phone number at the end. It is generally recommended to be as descriptive as possible and take advantage of the full-length allowance to provide customers with a more detailed reminder of the purchased.

There are two types of billing descriptors: Default Billing Descriptor (static) and Dynamic Descriptor

1. The Default Billing Descriptor (static) is the name for a merchant’s authorised processing company that appears the same for every transaction.  This is commonly used when a company offers a single product or service to customers.

For example, Dan and Joe’s Restaurant Ltd. 123-456-7890

2. The Dynamic Descriptor allows modification of the description field in a customer’s statement and can be customised according to the product or service purchased. They can be configured on a per transaction level, making it possible for each transaction to have a different description. Dynamic Descriptors give merchants the opportunity to provide additional detail and are usually used by businesses offering multiple products or services.

For example, if a customer purchases bike tyres from Dan and Joe’s Bike Shop, and another customer purchases bike chains, the billing descriptor would appear differently on their respective statements:

DNJ*BIKE TIRES 123-456-7890 and DNJ*BIKE CHAINS 123-456-7890

Why the Billing Descriptor is Important for Chargebacks.

Receiving Visa’s Chargeback Reason Code 75 is never good news for merchants.  MasterCard’s corresponding reason code is 4863. Both are codes for “Cardholder Does Not Recognise Transaction,” which means that a customer either could not identify the transaction on his or her statement or thought it was incorrect. When a customer calls his or her issuing bank to dispute or report the transaction in question, a chargeback is triggered.

Once a chargeback is initiated, a merchant must go through the hassle of providing documentation or information to assist the customer in recognising the transaction and prove the validity of the purchase. Examples of such documents include shipping invoices, delivery receipts and sales receipts.

Providing a clear and comprehensible billing descriptor can help customers recognise transactions on their statements more easily, thus reducing the number of chargebacks and allowing merchants to save time and maximise profits.

Best Practice

Here are some best practices for optimising your billing descriptor

1. Use your ‘Trading As’ (T/A) name
Businesses commonly operate under a legal name as well as a T/A name. If these names differ, you should always include your T/A name in the billing descriptor, since it is more likely to be known and recognised by your customers.

2. Simple descriptors are the best
Keep your descriptor simple and to the point to avoid confusion from customers.

3. Include a phone number for customer support
This can be added in the second part of the billing descriptor, and is not included in the 20-25 character limit.  If a customer is presented with your contact information, they may opt to call your business for any concerns regarding the product instead of reporting the transaction to their issuing bank for a chargeback. This may be added to the City Field.

4. Ensure exposure of your billing descriptor
Familiarise your customers with the name of your business by ensuring your T.A. name is visible throughout your website. This will help customers recall your business more easily when they view their credit card statement.  In the case where a customer copy and pastes the descriptor into an online search engine, your business should ideally be on the first page of the search results.

5. Send out test transactions
This is so you can ensure the formatting of your billing descriptor is easily readable and understandable before the purchase by your first customer.

To Learn More

To get support on how to start using with appropriate billing descriptors (static or dynamic), please contact:


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