Accept More with Giropay and SEPA Direct Debit

We have added two major European payment methods that businesses can start accepting through a simple integration with our unified API.

You can now start accepting Giropay and SEPA Direct Debit with These preferred local payment methods give European e-commerce businesses an easier way to accept payments via direct bank payments (Giropay) or direct debit (SEPA Direct Debit) from a customer’s bank account – ensuring safe, secure, and speedy transactions.


Giropay is a real-time bank transfer payment method and is connected to nearly 1,500 German banks, making it the most widely accepted method for online payments in the country. Giropay enables online customers in Germany to pay via a direct bank transfer, which is one of the most popular ways for online shoppers to pay in that country. By integrating with Giropay, businesses will gain access to millions of German customers who prefer to pay using this local payment method.

Merchants also benefit by receiving guaranteed payments and avoiding chargebacks since payments are pushed directly from a bank account using a two-step authentication process of the customer that helps minimize fraud.

For consumers, Giropay is a safe and convenient way to pay in Germany. Upon checkout, the customer selects the Giropay payment method, then selects their bank, enters their bank’s login credentials, confirms payment through a two-step authentication, and the transaction is complete. Processing and settlements currencies are in EUR. 

SEPA Direct Debit

Reach more customers across Europe with SEPA Direct Debit, which enables one-click payment via direct debit for consumers in the eurozone.

Supported by the European Payments Council, the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment initiative of the EU with the goal of simplifying cashless, cross-border payments within the eurozone. Anyone with a bank account in the eurozone will be able to make and accept payments for goods through credit transfers, direct debit, and card payments.

Specifically, SEPA Direct Debit is one of the most common payment methods for European consumers and offers payment convenience and standardization across Europe.

For merchants, integration of SEPA Direct Debit will widen access to millions of customers in the European market. For shoppers who don’t have a credit card, this payment method will still allow them to make purchases on your website or app as long as they have a bank account. Merchants can also elect to save their customers’ payment data to enable easy one-click payments for future purchases or payments.

For customers, SEPA Direct Debit offers a convenient way to pay online. They simply indicate their name, IBAN, and BIC, agree to the electronic mandate (debit authorization) provided by the merchant confirming that their account will be debited, and the transaction is complete. SEPA Direct Debit can be used for one-time payments or recurring payments, like for subscription services.

To learn more about these payment methods, contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

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Keep up-to-date with all things payments

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